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Custom Closet / Master Closet Ideas

We wanted to give you some great ideas for your closet needs.

  • Use all available and existing space to maximize storage. Think about the height of your walls and use upper spaces to store seasonal items.

  • More adjustable shelves mean more custom storage that fits your needs

  • Use accessories like sliding tie and belt racks to free up more space

  • Use various sizes of drawers to maximize space

  • Doubling your closet space is as easy. Move from single hang space to double-hang space.

  • Built-in hampers open up more floor space. Jewelry trays added to a drawer is pretty handy.

  • Install hooks or other accessories behind doors

  • Store items in fabric bins on top of the closet system to maximize storage

  • Organize your clothes and shoes by seasons

  • A shoe tower with angled shoes shelves can make finding your favorite pair of shoes quick and easy. Plan the right amount of space for your shoes, and make sure the shelves are adjustable. Summer sandals take up less space than your winter boots.

  • Make use of corner shelves for larger and deeper items

  • Crown molding offers an elegant, finished touch.

  • Place an island in the middle of the room to maximize the area of larger closets

  • Choose finishes that complement your style. Modern, traditional, or trendy drawer fronts and cabinet doors will make you fall in love with the space.

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