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Your garage is an essential space for storage in your home, so it’s crucial to have a system to keep you organized. From lawn equipment to bike storage, to tool storage, this space can be transformed from an eyesore to the envy of all of your neighbors. Tall cabinets, shelves, and bins are just a few organization tools we can use to keep your garage neat and clean.

Master Walk-In Closets

The master walk-in closet has become a unique and one-of a kind space. It’s more than just a place to keep your clothing. These closets have evolved into soothing spaces where you prep for the day ahead and relax at the end of each night. A well-designed system will add more storage capacity by adding features like drawers, shelving, hampers, and even islands to your master walk-in closet.
A great design will have a functional and aesthetic flow, and will maximize every inch of your closet without sacrificing style. It’s essential to many homeowners today.


Your home might include a small reach-in pantry or you may be lucky enough to have a full walk-in pantry. Either way, organization is important. With a thoughtful design, and installation of a quality storage system, your pantry will be a space you’ll love to use. A one-of-a-kind custom pantry design may include cabinets, adjustable shelves, slide out racks or drawers, and accessories that bring out the chef in you.

Reach-In Closet

Just because you don’t have a large space to work with doesn’t mean your closet can’t be carefully organized and customized. A well designed, reach-in closet system from Lakeview Closets will make use of every inch of space, and will creatively make hard-to reach spaces fully functional. Think about incorporating innovative storage components like drawers, baskets, hampers, adjustable shelving, and more. When it comes to designing the ideal bedroom reach-in closet, the options are abundant, and designed around the distinctive needs of the client.

Utility and Laundry Rooms

The utility and laundry areas may not be your favorite rooms in your house, but they are one of the busiest. These areas of the home can get out of control quickly, so a well-designed organizational system is important to keep you efficient. Minimal adjustments can make a major difference in transforming this space to fit all your needs while functioning seamlessly within your home.

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